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Order of Music Notes

In music we use only 7 letters of the alphabet.  They are A-B-C-D-E-F-G.  There is no H or I.  That’s it!

1. In between these letters there are what we call sharps or flats.  Sharps look like a number sign # and flats look like a small letter b.

2. a) There are sharps in between all the letters except between B-C (no sharp) and E-F (no sharp)


    b) There are flats in beween all the letters except between B-C (no sharp) and E-F (no sharp)

Once you have completed 11 notes the 12th note should be the same as your first.

A little about sharps and flats.

A# is also Bb or C# is also Db.  What?

Think of it this way.  When moving up in pitch let’s call it a sharp.  So what’s after A in the order of notes?  Answer is A#.

When moving down in pitch let’s call it flat.  So what’s before B? Answer is Bb.

When trying to find notes on the guitar everything is relative to the note you start on.  There is no need to memorize all the notes on the guitar but a good understanding of how to find a note should be learned.

There are many tricks to minimize the amount of notes you need to memorize.

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